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Run 3 Game

Run 3 is the 3rd game of this popular series with a lot more levels and dangerous space tunnels. Run, jump, float and bounce through space tunnels to complete each level.
Controls:Arrow keys or WASD to move and space bar or up arrow key to jump.

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Game Review:

If you love the thrill of a chase, this third installment of the addictive skill game Run is sure to get you hooked. And as to be expected it has greatly improved on the original formula. But like the previous version, the menu is bland as usual. Nonetheless, the game is still addictive.

The Gameplay


The gameplay’s basis in Run 3 involves a rotatable platform system on which the ball-like player, called the runner, runs through to return home. The tube has many holes and spaces through which he must avoid or jump over. There are also fragile platforms that break in chains upon contact, increasing the game’s difficulty curve. It is overall a lot more challenging and addictive than the previous Run versions.

Your main objective as a player is to run through all the levels in order to reach the end of the map and complete the game—and eventually help the runner return home.

As the game progresses, the runner runs through increased levels and with increased difficulty. Every now and then, a new type of character is unlocked. So from the original runner, you will eventually unlock other characters, including the skater, lizard, child and student. Each of which has different skills and advantage. The child for example is light weight, so he does not dislodge crumbling tiles. And the student for instance carries something in her backpack that allows her to pull off literal gravity-defying stunts.

Of course, the game is without its downside. One of the largest downfalls of this system, based on my experience, is the nauseating sensation it creates due to the excessive amount of rotation it requires. If you are sensitive to motion, you can easily develop a mild headache after just a few minutes of playing.

I don’t want to give this game a negative review because it’s really fun and again addictive, but just to warn you, Run 3 can use massive resources. Lag spikes can be annoying during peak moments, destroying the momentum and raising frustration due to lag-induced deaths. Good thing, the game is re-playable.

Also, although minor, I feel like the means to getting power cells are meager and slow. But a thumbs up to the developer because the value of the power cells has recently been increased.

While many players would prefer to turn off the music and the sound, I feel that this is very important. It adds to the excitement and the thrill. And I must say that Run 3’s music is perfect. It makes me feel like I’m running towards something or carrying something very important. It can give you the feeling of being chased. Turn off the music and the game would be completely different to play.


Like the previous Run installments, Run 3 is a fun and addictive game to play—except for the lag spikes. But I believe the lag problem is now being addressed by developers.